The Book of Ando

Thanks for joining our initiative to continue to honor Ando’s tremendous legacy! 

The primary goal of The Book of Ando is to record, publish, and honor the wisdom Ando passed in one volume for his kids, so they can have access to all of the great lessons he shared with us.    Also, we think that by selling copies of the book as a fundraiser, we can raise a good amount of money for his family.

Below, you will find a link to a video explaining the project, and a link to the submission form for anecdotes. 


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How can you help? 

  1. Spread the submission form on Social Media.   We made a simple Google Form that anyone can fill out to share a lesson Ando taught them.  We will launch the link later this week.   Share, post, repost, forward, share!  Let’s get as many voices as possible included in this book!
  2. Submit a memory yourself.   We want this to be as complete and comprehensive as possible.  There are too many great Ando stories to count, we want to record as many as we can. Yosh gave us so much great advice- leadership advice, life advice, advice on being a great teammate, sport-specific advice, advice on competing, advice on accepting injuries, advice on recovering from injuries, advice on strength training, advice on stick stringing, advice on cars, relationships, nutrition, everything! We want to record as much of that great advice as we can! Give us your best Ando lesson! 
  3. Sell the Book Once It’s Published.  Get as many people as you can to purchase a copy.  Again, saturate social media.  The goal is to have the book ready to distribute by March. 

Our big ask at this point is helping to spread the link for submissions and again for book orders next month


Ando Quote: “Time to make the donuts!” 

Anecdote: Yosh would say “Time to make the donuts” every morning at la camp while loading the ice.  It was a daily tradition, and we know he loved tradition, plus a little humor to mark the start of the work for the day.  Of course, it referenced the donut guy, a guy who was so busy serving others by making donuts that he never slept.  No wonder he was Ando’s favorite guy to quote! 

***Don’t forget to submit a photo with your anecdote! 

Contribution Form:


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