• Teammates – never let your teammates down
  •  School – reflect the LS core values (respect for human differences, promotion of caring & cooperative relationships, pursuit of excellence), abide by school wide rules
  • Coaches & Teachers – trust your teaching, learn to take constructive feedback as a compliment
  • Opponents – make a commitment to greet/welcome all visiting teams, play hard & fair
  • Officials – captains and coaches greet officials, model poise with calls
  • Differences – beliefs, customs, dress, lifestyles
  • Facilities/equipment/bus – clean up areas such as fields/gyms/locker rooms after use, appoint a “master of the locker room,” respect opponents equipment & facilities
  • Self – practice humility, teachable spirit, serve the team, resist temptations, remain in control during emotional times


  • Team first attitude, buy into something bigger than yourself (team goals)
  • Show up every day and give your best
  • Start your own engine, bring enthusiasm, work just as hard when nobody is watching
  • Your effort in practice should match your effort against your toughest opponent
  • Be a “get it done” teammate, identify team needs and get them done
  • Go the extra mile in work ethic and building relationships
  • Be positive, optimistic
  • Share your passion
  • Protect and defend by being loyal to coaches & teammates, especially when things are going poorly, never give up
  • Choose the hard right over the easy wrong

L-S SUCCESS – An Experience Beyond Victory

  • “We” has mentally and physically overtaken “me”
  • Personal reward is given away to team glory
  • When all strengths, attitudes, energies, roles and skills are voluntarily,intentionally blended together for sake of team
  • When entire focus is on collective accomplishment