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Lincoln-Sudbury Lacrosse has been among the premier high school lacrosse programs in New England since its inception in 1969.  In addition to winning six Massachusetts State Championships and producing hundreds of collegiate players in that time, L-S prides itself on being a “first to serve” program, prioritizing service to our community, our sport and our nation above results and awards.  

Our program’s core values are Hard Work, Respect, and becoming Men Built for Others, and our priorities are: #1 Family, #2 Academics and #3 Lacrosse.

In teaching our players to strive for excellence on the field, we are teaching them to be excellent teammates, excellent students, and excellent young men. Furthermore, we want to share our love of lacrosse and help to grow the game.

The pillars of the L-S Lacrosse program are Character, Community and Culture.  At L-S, we use the word “WEMATIN,” which is Algonquin for brotherhood, to embody the many aspects of the L-S lacrosse culture.  

This culture is the product of the character of its players and their commitment to the community. Success on the field is a product of multiple sources: while players put forth tremendous effort and play selflessly during games, the support of parents, alumni and youth coaches provides players the means and the skills they need to excel.  

All victories are the product of the shared sacrifices of players, coaches, families, youth coaches and committed alumni, and all of these elements constitute our brotherhood, “WEMATIN.

Our players are taught to be the First to Serve, and they contribute to their community in a multitude of ways.  

In addition to helping coach in the youth program to help young players learn, we have a longstanding relationship with One Nation lacrosse, a program that uses lacrosse to teach leadership to inner city youths in Harlem and Boston.

Furthermore, each year our team takes on a service project; past years’ projects have included raising funds for the families of veterans and sending supplies to soldiers currently serving in Iraq. [Learn more…]

LS Athletics Program Covenants

By |April 21st, 2018|Categories: Parent Resources|

RESPECT Teammates - never let your teammates down  School - reflect the LS core values (respect for human differences, promotion of caring & cooperative relationships, pursuit of excellence), abide by school wide rules Coaches & Teachers - trust your teaching, learn to take constructive feedback as a compliment Opponents - make a commitment to greet/welcome all visiting teams, play hard & fair Officials - captains and coaches greet officials, model poise with calls Differences - [...]

Defining Roles for Players, Coaches and Parents

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ROLES IN SPORTS When parents stop and analyze the athletic experience for their children, the reasons they want their kids to play sports involve providing an opportunity to develop physically, emotionally and to enjoy. The side-benefits of playing sports include giving kids a good opportunity to learn how to work and get along with others, to take good risks in a public arena and survive, to learn to set and achieve goals by developing positive [...]

How To Make Your Kid Hate Sports Without Really Trying

By |March 21st, 2018|Categories: Parent Resources|

Christine Carugati, 18, of Langhorne, Pennyslvania started getting recruited to play college lacrosse the summer after the ninth grade. You heard that right -- when she just finished her freshman year in high school. "What ninth grader knows what they want and what ninth grader, never mind an adult, isn't easily swayed, thinking somebody wants me. It's very intoxicating for any age but for a child especially, so my counsel was to keep all your [...]

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