LS Lacrosse seeks to serve our community both on the field and off. In keeping with the values taught by Coach Bruce Brown, our boys are taught to be the First to Serve and the Last to be Served.

Part of our service involves providing mentorship and lacrosse instruction by coaching youth players; in other cases, it involves providing services to families in need. Also, we seek to provide resources and support for those who are truly First To Serve: those who serve our country in the Armed Forces. In the past, we have raised supplies to send to soldiers currently deployed, and we have raised money to support the families of fallen soldiers.

Our mission is to teach a commitment to our community through service, and we expect that our players will always be the First to Serve.


Harlem Lacrosse, Boston University, Lincoln-Sudbury Tournament

Harlem Lacrosse Tournament @ Concord-Carlisle