The Wematin Sticks is a group of LS lacrosse alumni and community members that was created to serve individuals through the power of networking. 

Young LS lacrosse alumni are paired with mentors to help them through the career development process, while all members of Wematin Sticks have a platform to connect with other passionate LS lacrosse alumni interested in helping each other personally and professionally.


All members of the LS lacrosse family interested in being a mentor should fill out the form below. 

There will be grade representatives that will handle initial conversations with young alumni. The grade representatives will serve as a link between the young alumni, and the appropriate mentors based on the Young Alumni’s goals/preferences. 

A group platform will be created so that all members can efficiently connect with each other.


Members and Mentors should have:

  • A passion to serve members of the LS lacrosse community
  • Willingness to give their time and take a 15-30 minute phone call with a member of the community that has been paired with you (current college player, or alumni out of school). 
  • The objective of brainstorming in any way they can be of service. Must have a “How can I help?” mentality
  • An ability and desire to take action by opening their network, creating introductions, and making recommendations on behalf of the community member.

Mentee should be:

  • Young alumni of the community
  • Willing to take on the responsibility of being diligent throughout the mentor/mentee process
  • Passionate about putting their best forward in all opportunities that are created for them
  • A beacon of the LS lacrosse community, representing the Wematin mentality


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Your contribution to LS Lacrosse will help defraying operating costs such as travel to out-of-state games and providing equipment and training materials.

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